Hydrogen technology


Here is the last post of 2019, and it is another on regarding the basic principles of Hydrogen. The consumption of Hydrogen in the fuel cell, hope you will enjoy:

We would like to post a short explanation video we found regarding how the basic technology works and operate, we hope you will enjoy it:

We found this informaion, that explains the different types of concept on a basic level, enjoy:

Next generation of Hydrogen production are available on the market. Eventough mankind have been producing Hydrogen from a familiar concept for over 200 years it is only in the recent years that the development have propelled the alkaline principle and now also the PEM technology. As you might seen in the former posts PEM have been critizied for...

There is a growing international consensus that clean hydrogen will play a key role in the world's transition to a sustainable energy future. It is crucial to help reduce carbon emissions from industry and heavy transport, and also to provide long-term energy storage at scale.